About Mobupps

Welcome to Mobupps – One center for every mobile marketing need! Mobupps’ crew members are experts in marketing. They own skills and ablity to match successfully between publishers and advertisers.

Mobupps is a brand of Webmedia – Online ad network with experience of years. We build and customize new products to address challenges of mobile developers, in order to get new users from key mobile products or monetize their media. Rebranding as Mobupps is a natural evolution
for our company as we work to define the future of connected advertising.

Our fields of activity

  • Mobupps’ ad network includes variety of parts: direct app-publishers, sites, Demand-side platform that is integrated with the largest ad-exchanges and a mobile marketing agencies that covers almost the whole mobile market.
  • We are considered as mobile experts – We have experienced in running huge amounts of data under our hands.
  • Our knowledge lets us target only the most relevant users for our clients – in order to maximize the ROI of campaigns.
  • We work with big brands, mobile companies, app developers and agencies, and we help them to fulfill their goals in terms of mobile.
  • We provide our publishers with optimization technology. This technology’s goal is maximizing the revenues from the media.

Mobupps Approach

  • Performance and quality – This is our focus.
  • We are specialized on app promotion, user acquistion and E-commerce.
  • Mobupps understands its clients’ needs and does its best to achieve them.
  • Mobupps’ members believe in good and long-term cooperation with its clients.