Fraud burns your budgets?

Fraud burns your budgets? Tell us about that. We have been in this battle for years. Luckily, Mobupps is always ready to innovate. That’s why we added the Third-Party Data Insight feature to our well known Active Fraud Prevention.

So why will this technology level-up your performance? Well, our engineers got a couple of reasons.

Active Fraud Prevention is a system that allows you to detect fraud at the click level that does not allow a suspicious user to switch to the application. Such clicks are not tracked through our ad server and not sent to the MMP of the advertiser. We only see total clicks and the amount of the blocked clicks, as well as the reason the clicks were blocked. Now we can take active measures to prevent fraud from the relevant sources and keep sending media.

Fraud Flags native stream from MMPs. There are anti-fraud systems based on the platforms, such as AppsFlyer, Protect 360, Adjust Fraud Suite on the app developer side. The client application sends data streams to the Mobupps ad server, including all the necessary information about the status and reason for blocking conversions. Mobupps can get a full view of this data and act in real-time with the most efficient optimization that takes into account our in house data as well as client-side data. Now we indicate all fraud marks from the Appsflyer, adjust internal services, and Mobupps fraud stack to view them in the same dashboard. This key feature simplifies the synchronization of customer data.

Want some more details?
We got a scheme!


MobUpps anti-fraud technology supports negative postbacks (e.g., two days later). When fraud is detected up to two days later, postbacks can be fired again to MobUpps anti-fraud technology. MobUpps anti-fraud technology will update the conversion with the latest rejection reason. If conversion was flagged as fraud, but approved now – it will also be updated. MobUpps anti-fraud technology Update endpoint can be called multiple times with the current status of the conversion at any given moment.


Mobupps customer support will quickly help you to activate this feature, whatever platform you use, as long as third-party rejection postbacks are supported. MAFO (Mobupps Anti-Fraud and Optimization) will fuel your campaigns with the best data and bring you ROI up to the top. Visit our website for more information and contacts.


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