Black Friday is coming!




Greetings, dear friends!

The main event of the year from the world of shopping is coming – Black Friday!


On this day, hundreds of stores, marketplaces, and apps around the world arrange the largest sales of the year.

On this occasion, we have prepared for you, our dear customers and partners, the main date of Black Friday, the most profitable and major sales of the past year, and of course our personal recommendations.

Now and only from Mobupps team, excellent heading of our recommendations

“How to prepare your apps for Black Friday?”

Let’s start it.  



First of all. Quality creatives. Of course.

Prepare relevant and catchy creatives. These are not necessarily bright, but definitely striking to potential buyers of the image.


Second part. Do not save on budgets. 

On this day, you can get the maximum amount of traffic and targeted actions for your applications. Excessive savings can only do much harm!



Raise bids! 

This will allow your advertising campaigns to get the most coverage and maximum efficiency.



Do not be afraid to experiment! 

Come up with new promotions and discounts. This will attract a new target audience and increase the spending of existing users.



Black Friday Start Date – 29th of November




Main sales for worldwide geos   


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