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In the field of mobile advertising, we all look for new trends and try to predict the future processes. Moreover we continue to stay updated with the recent predictions – one of these predictions was published in “Business2Community” website, and deals with the “Key Trends Which Are Transforming The Advertising Industry In 2016″.

Mobile Budgets and Programmatic Advertising – Trends for 2016

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Deloitte Global TMT Predictions for 2016, predicts that mobile devices will become the leading games platform by software revenue. The estimated revenues are expected to be $35 billion – 20% higer than 2015. According to the report of Deloitte Global, the average revenue per game is not going to change dramatically – but the revenue per mobile game is relatively low – only $40,000. Only about 200 mobile games companies will gross over $1 million in 2016, according to the estimates.

Is It Possible to Create Prominence to Your Mobile Game? – Yes!


We all know that mobile advertising becomes popular and continue to gain popularity among advertisers and users. Therefore, 2015 is considered “The year of mobile advertising”, in which this advertising method recorded a significant leap. Altough the positive data, recent article published in MediaPost tells us that the conversions of mobile search advertising are still not high.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Mobile Ads?

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Ho do you do yout shopping? in stores or online? Recently we came across an interesting article, dealing with shopping habits, published in Forbes. The article has presented the practice of Webrooming – shopping online and then going to the physical store and buy.

Shopping Habits, Mobile Apps and Online Advertising

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Many estimates try to perdict the success of mobile ads through the variable of digital ad spending. One of these estimates of eMarketer was published recently by Forbes, and tells us that mobile will account for almost 3/4 of digital ad spending in the U.S. until 2019-20.

The Optimistic Forecast for Mobile Ad Spending in 2019


A new research made by Yahoo! reveals some interesting data about video mobile ads on smartpשhones. The research has been made recently due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets among people around the world and especially in the US.

Mobile Video Ads – Yahoo! Reveals New Data


In a few days, Mobupps will attend to G-STAR 2015 – large gaming exhibition that includes developers, distributors and advertisers from all over the world. The exhibition takes place in Busan, South Korea. This is a great chance to check what happens in the Asian Mobile Market.

The Potential & Growth of the Mobile Market in Asia


The current generation is a smartphone generation, without any doubt. Almost everyone owns a mobile device connected to the internet and may be exposed to dozens and hundreds of ads every day. At any given moment, many brands struggle and try to connect with consumers on mobile.

Timing and Scheduling – How does It Affect Your Mobile Advertising?


A fre weeks ago, we read an interesting update in VentureBeat website: One of the American advertising companies announced a guarantee: 100% of its brokered mobile ads are going to be viewable.

This guarantee came out while the data given by Google tells us that 50% of its mobile & desktop videos shown off youtube aren’t viewable. Moreover, 76% of the videos never appear on the screen (!) and those visible ones are viewed for no more than two seconds. Therefore, the announcement of the American company is surprising.

100 Percent Viewability of Mobile Ads – Is It Possible?

Mobile Video Ads - Mpbupps

Recently, Tubefilter website published a forecast predicts that until 2020, the growth in mobile video ad revenue will reach 39.5%. The forecast is based on a report of Busiess Insider. The mobile video ad growth revenue is expected to past the growing of deskop computers video ads revenue and the total video ad growth.

The Future of Mobile Video Ads