Common Myths about CPI and CPA Digital Marketing Campaigns


The Mobile Advertising Index (https://www.tune.com/resources/mobile-advertising-index/#results/filter) allows you to quickly discover and evaluate the best advertising partners of the moment, so you can optimize return on ad spend and scale your target audience. The tool will enable you to filter advertising partner performance across 20 criteria ranging from device type, geolocation, payout structure, and more. Get instant results for over 1000 ad networks and publishers.

Mobupps company entered to the TOP of 10 worldwide ad networks at Mobile Advertising Index by Tune

CEO of Mobupps, Yaron Tomchin: “We have been working with mobile fraud more than 3 years. In this case we would like to present the results of our test of 3rd party services and data of our partners. And of course, our main approach – fighting fraud!” 
Mobile ad fraud occurs where mobile ad impressions or click-throughs or conversion are triggered by a robot.This might be a piece of malicious code that is operating on a legitimate user device, maybe downloaded with a dodgy native app. Each time the ad is served/clicked or the conversion is happened the fraudulent ad network or fraudulent publisher makes money, even though no human has seen the ad. There are already several well-known varieties of mobile fraud, including device emulation, mobile user-agent and location spoofing, and fraudulent user-acquisition methods

Mobile ad fraud is a real and growing problem


Mobupps and Tune Event in China!

Despite the huge competition on the Russian market, Yahoo has obvious advantages
Yahoo knows far too well its audience (Flurry, Viber, Tumblr, etc.) Provides a low-cost CPC, CPCV and optimize the advertising campaign for the successful achievement of the CPI and CPA metrics, based on the whole-just ten conversions.

Mobupps has become a leading partner of #Yahoo Gemini platform on the Russian market!

Discover our presentations and learn about the main advantages of working with Mobupps!


Discover our presentations and learn about the main advantages of working with Mobupps!


Mobintouch website, one of the most valued social networks for mobile advertising professionals, has published recently its Top Mobile Ad Networks for Gaming. The list contains 30 mobile ad networks and among them Mobupps by Webmedia.

Mobupps was Ranked Top 30 in the World by Mobintouch


In the field of mobile advertising, we all look for new trends and try to predict the future processes. Moreover we continue to stay updated with the recent predictions – one of these predictions was published in “Business2Community” website, and deals with the “Key Trends Which Are Transforming The Advertising Industry In 2016″.

Mobile Budgets and Programmatic Advertising – Trends for 2016


Mobupps will take part in White Nights Conference 2016 – Game developement and marketing conference, that will be held from 11-12 February 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.

Mobupps attends White Nights Conference 2016 – Visit us!

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Deloitte Global TMT Predictions for 2016, predicts that mobile devices will become the leading games platform by software revenue. The estimated revenues are expected to be $35 billion – 20% higer than 2015. According to the report of Deloitte Global, the average revenue per game is not going to change dramatically – but the revenue per mobile game is relatively low – only $40,000. Only about 200 mobile games companies will gross over $1 million in 2016, according to the estimates.

Is It Possible to Create Prominence to Your Mobile Game? – Yes!