Epic battle possibly leads to changes in app monetizing

We can’t pass the biggest feud between one of the most successful app developers and the most proficient tech companies.
What’s going on with Epic versus Apple/Google feud, and why is this important for the app developers world? Fasten your seatbelts, we going up for a rough ride.

It all started with Fortnite release on mobile, Epic refused to put it on the Play Store, because of the 30% Google commission on in-app purchases, they felt big enough to distribute the game by their own. Seems like a suicide move, but Epic just knew how big Fortnite is, and it just worked out.
After a successful start, Epic yet decided to publish Fortnite on both Play Store and App Store, which was followed by outstanding success. But with big numbers of income, Epic paid huge app store fees. For example, Epic paid just Apple roughly $360 million in commissions.

Suddenly Epic surprised everybody with an option of direct payment as an alternative to in-store purchase.
epic_direct_pay_apple_app_store_2045x979_730033169 copy
Apple rapidly temporary blocked Epic’s developer account, Google Play Store followed with the same restriction. Epic answered with a lawsuit, targeting Apple’s commissions, which we estimate are Apple’s single most profitable revenue stream, the same lawsuit targets Google as well.

Apple has warned Epic that it’s shutting down the developer’s accounts on August 28, when it will also lose access to iOS and Mac developer tools. In response, Epic has filed a motion with a federal court in California asking for a temporary restraining order to prevent Apple from shutting down the accounts, disabling Fortnite on users’ devices, and removing Fortnite from the App Store.

Epic is likely to face “irreparable harm” without the order, the company’s attorneys told the court. It also claimed that it was “likely to succeed” in its antitrust lawsuit against Google and that it was in the “public interest.” Millions of players would be cut off, Epic said, while this reportedly wouldn’t hurt Apple while the lawsuit was underway.
Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 14.41.01

Why Epic has a chance to win? Because of their huge army of supporters obviously, this is the first precedent of a developer such a big influence, that the rules can be changed. And Epic tries to win even more audience, mocking Apple’s 1984 commercial and new Fortnite map “Gated Gardens”, reminds you of anything?

Mobupps staff is looking forward to how this feud will end, the only thing we know for sure – this will lead to changes. Stay tuned, visit our blog for more articles and tell us your opinion on how this feud will end.


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