Mobupps moved to the GeoEdge




Mobupps announces that it has moved to the most trusted ad verification tool currently available on the market, GeoEdge. If you are not yet familiar with this ad verification tool you might be asking yourself how it differs from the others? Well, one significant difference is that we now guarantee that no creative violation will occur when the tool is implemented. Yes, this is true! We are totally SAFE now.

The typical ad verification tool allows it’s users to utilize a verification mode – the feature that is based on scanning only. The scanning, which imitates a real user’s behavior, alerts ONLY about different types of bad quality ads. And the alert arrives only once they are detected. After, the alert there should be then a manual block of the ads and that requires a human to intervene.

Now we are happy to reveal that we have a much better and automated solution from GeoEdge which offers real-time blocking! This unique technology is able to block incidents in real-time and then replace them with clean creative. The solution actually does all the work by blocking the bad quality creative in real-time, before they appears on the web site and then notifying us about it. This feature ensures that there is no chance that any violated creative will be displayed.

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