Happy hours with Mobupps and Tune in China!

1st December Mobupps by WMADV together with TUNE company held “Happy hours event” in China. We brought together representatives of different companies – Baidu Mobile360 Mobile SecurityAPUSStartAppironSourceMENA Mobile and etc. Special for our guests we held a giveaway with our special gifts – two wireless headphones and an #Ipad!

Mobupps company covers more than 30 countries worldwide. During previous year we started the successful development of our business in Asia, in 2016 we opened an office in China and and prioritize our APAC business development. We saw very fast that countries like Korea, Japan, and other soft east Asian countries  jumping into our top 10 countries by revenue. We see very big potential in the Asian region because we are able to achieve better overseas promotion for Chinese companies and faster expansion for them to the global markets and as well to bring overseas clients we have to APAC market with our local publishers connections!

We will continue to invest into this strongly in 2018!

We already held this kind of event last year with Tune. The main purpose of this event is meeting with existing customers in a relaxed atmosphere, Communication about working, discussing current tasks and also future prospects.  Also such meetings help to receive a lot of useful and important information about the Chinese market, current trends. We value every client, and  always try to build a friendly relationships with them. We expect a big amount of guests from both companies thus meeting new people is defiantly one of the added values in such events as well.     

Thanks to everyone for wonderful atmosphere, cheerful mood and for #Happyfridayevening ! #happyhours #mobupps #tune #clients

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