How Mobupps got support in promoting shopping app JollyChic for IOS in MENA region.



As one of the most popular online shopping apps JollyChic offers more than 1 million products with surprising offers and decent quality in all categories including women’s fashion, men’s fashion, shoes, accessories, home & living, beauty and etc/


JollyChic’s approached to Mobupps to get support in promoting his shopping app for IOS in MENA region. The client chose from Mobupps pool of products the ad network solution that includes our premium publishers, agency solution includes FB and marketplace solution with key API media partners.

The client’s KPI was the spent to sales revenue ratio and a solid volume of quality engaged users in a short time with positive ROI.


Mobupps decided to start the campaign with top publishers according to its database of best performing pubs and audience segments for shopping apps in this region. Mobupps set deep integration with the client in order to track the CR of sales to installs in real time, what enable it to manage Jollychic’s ARPU and scale on media and audience segments that showed best ROI cutting off low performing channels and lowering the spend on learning. In order to reach such results, the ratio between installs and sales should be higher the 1%. There were several creatives and ad formats set that were used to support different copy and art performance.


During the first week while Mobupps were under the learning stage we put a cap of 150 installs daily per each media and audience category. The CR from install to sales was about 0.65 %. Mobupps collect enough data and did the first circle of optimization and in couple days the CR increased up to 0.94% what place the campaign on the client goals. After the second circle of optimization, Mobupps left only best-performing sources and audience segment starting to add only “look alike” pubs and audience. Also, creative and copy optimization was done to squeeze even higher engagement from the users. After one month period, we were able to reach results that were 75% higher than the goal and open the budget caps to add more volume to the campaign. JollyChic decided to continue investing in our cooperation being active till now.

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