Middle East mobile market history


The Middle East for the last couple of years has shown high growth in digital marketing. Many people living in this region have become more sophisticated in the use of digital media and internet usage, and this has a positive effect on the level and quality of mobile traffic. So for this reason, many companies have started to rethink their strategies of connecting with potential audiences in this region. And these same companies are changing their marketing methods and technologies and moving to a digital view of building relationships with these potential customers.


The Middle East has always been Apple of the Investors eye. This region also has a good share of the global advertising spend and has become a luxurious destination for marketers in the past years. Presence of a few big e-commerce giants and their annual spends on the digital advertising side makes it the center of attraction. The three major advertising spend countries in the MEA region has been SA, UAE (biggest market for advertisers in the area), Turkey (a market in-between Asia and Europe) and Iran (a fresh and untapped market in the Middle East).

Lately, It has also been a critical destination for investors, and we all had noticed few acquisitions as well like Amazon acquires Souq, Noon acquires Sivvi & Uber learns Careem making it a perfect place for marketers to focus upon.



“MENA has always been a critical market for Mobupps as it shares a decent amount of revenue percentage in our annual books. We have been continuously helping and managing several advertisers and agencies annual marketing budgets by fulfilling their new user acquisition needs as well as retaining their existing users to support and grow the overall ROI. To meet the KPI goals, increase user retention, and generate a maximum number of impressions to get desired results in MEA, Mobupps uses its proprietary technology tool – MAFO. It also helps us in fighting and minimizing ad fraud and enables us to position ourselves much stronger as compared to other marketers.

We look forward to serving our clients with the best of services and hope that our business and footprints will keep on growing in the coming months along with the festival seasons in MEA.” – Apoorv Shookla, India Country Manager.


Our company, Mobupps, has produced positive results in our work with building a quality mobile network, growing our market share and client’s profits in this region. The MENA region increased in 2018, approximately 14% compared with 2017 for Mobupps ad network. The growth continues to raise during 2019.


As mentioned above, the quality of traffic is increasing too, with Turkey and Saudi Arabia in the top ten countries by the number of conversions – 164 879 (Turkey) and 25 018 (Saudi Arabia). At the same time, the level of fraud was under14 – 15%.

The United Arab Emirates leads the world in mobile penetration, according to a new report. Elsewhere in the Middle East, Oman is third.

Most of the Middle Eastern market gives preference to video content. More than half of users, who have internet, come in video aggregators, like Youtube or others, at least one time during the day. Most people who have internet use this for some reasons every day (93% of all internet users).




The use of smartphones has been steadily increasing in the Middle East and Africa as well. These regions are estimated to shortly, to reach the world top in terms of the number of mobile phones. This expectation increases the possibilities for marketing companies to connect with potential users.


Look at the statistics of mobile using in UAE region in the 2019 year (from source https://bit.ly/2G6WXne)






According to forecasts of HootSuite and WeAreSocial consultants for statistics of MENA and UAE region, we have a view about how people used mobile devices. 75% of these internet users playing games. It is very perspective for marketing companies with in-app ads segment.




And our company knows that! We continue to build our “castle” in the Middle Eastern regions, and we have a clear vision of the changes in these markets. We are moving quickly and positively to maximize our market share accordingly.


If you want cooperation with our company, please sent an email to contact@mobupps.com.

Our managers will answer to you as soon as possible.


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