Mobupps anti-fraud full set up


Mobupps announces a new revolutionary anti-fraud solution package. We are offering a comprehensive solution to protect our client’s digital campaigns from click and conversion fraud. Our new fraud technology set up is using unique, real-world tested, and proven algorithms to identify, prevent, block and report fraud.  On top of this, we are ready to provide our clients full transparency of the detected fraud and pass those metrics through an online dashboard that is fully shared to our partners, so they do not need to pay for fraud even 1 cent.


Like other companies who are working with digital marketing tools, we often encounter fraud first hand. Realizing the importance of reducing wasted spend, we had our IT department focused on the development of a smart system that can combine fraud detection, fraud prevention and will also take into account primary MMP’s data, then further optimize our campaigns based on all those data points – the resulting system was named: MAFO.


MAFO (Mobupps Anti-Fraud and Optimization) takes optimization to an absolutely new level.

The methodology we built from 3 layers:


The 1st layer is the prevention layer that is made based on  Fraudlogix direct integration. This provides MAFO the layer of prevention and filters out click due to 5 different fraud reasons – known malware, bots, nonhuman scripts,s spoofed traffic, blacklist sources, and proxies, so our clients do not see those clicks, and they rejected on the server level.





The 2nd  layer is the fraud detection technology based on Fraudshield. Over here we use one of the top detection technologies on the market to identify and block in real time fraud based on click spam, VPN, OS version, abnormal device distribution, and duplicated IPs.







The 3rd layer is the direct integration with Appsflyer Protect360 and the Adjust Fraud suite. Over here we are getting via API all the massive data based on two central MMP’s fraud systems what enable us to get the perspective of our clients using those systems as well as learn much more profound about our sources of media.




Another essential feature of this defense package is “transparency.” Every client per demand can get from Mobupps full clear transparency for all his campaigns and see whatever Mobupps team see. We are committed to our client’s service and will not charge for any fraud click or install.


In 2018, MAFO decreased the level of fraud in all campaigns at 50% to the record under 10% and in 2019 we will not be resting on our laurels and will continue to innovate and develop MAFO to new levels of post-install optimization, user engagement and more.

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