Mobupps attends White Nights Conference 2016 – Visit us!

Mobupps will take part in White Nights Conference 2016 – Game developement and marketing conference, that will be held from 11-12 February 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.


It is possible to schedule a meeting with our specialists in this link, in which you will find the companies visiting the conference, among them billing companies, developers, graphic companies and more. It is also possible to send us an E-mail message to:

Mobupps premium app-network: with over 450 partners integrated and new market coverage in countries such as Brazil, Japan and Mexico, besides our strong already European and US markets. Integration of the new fraud detection system: ensuring our partners’ Brand-safety and
media control.

Mobupps suggests new and improved guarantees for AppStore and GooglePlay burst and sustain campaigns.

As you may know, the mobile games field is a major field in which many companies are involved – among them advertising companies and ad networs. Mobupps activity covers this field and gives creative solutions for advertisers who want to expose their games or apps.

See you in Helsinki!

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