Mobupps generate COS less than 20% and ROAS more than 1400% for Jumia app!


Jumia is a system of online commerces, the largest online retail store in Africa created in 2012. Started in Lagos, the company has a presence across 23 African countries.

Jumia Online Shopping app is a part of the category Lifestyle Apps with subcategory Shopping In 2016 Jumia became the continent’s first unicorn being valued over 1 billion USD.


Jumia appealed to Mobupps company a few weeks before Black Friday Sales with the following challenge: 1) Increase the number of installations and volumes of in-app purchases and ROI 2) Generate monthly revenue with per country about 10-15% ( but not more than 30% ). 3) Receive 600-1000% ROAS ( not less than 300%) COS = cost for advertising revenue of sales


Target markets were announced: Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya and Ghana.

a) Mobupps utilized their top publishers according to its database and set the relevant pricing bids.

b) Daily COS optimization and real-time monitoring of the performance of each combination between creative and publishers helps cutting of low performing sources and creating a Black-list and a White-list of best performing combination for the campaign. For motivation and skilling the best publishers Mobupps used the dynamic bidding algorithms.

c) Mobupps acquired a high amount of quality engaged users, applying in-app trac – lifestyle and e-commerce apps using native and standard banners.

d) Last step was to increase the budget cap and the daily caps for the positive KPI campaigns result



COS index during three months in Cote d’Ivoire did not exceed 10%.

In the first month of work Morocco had COS index 24,76% which was reduced in December by almost 10 times and reached a rate of 2.5%.

According to delivered data, none of the indicators exceeded 30%






According to the goals set, ROAS was not less than 300%, the highest achieved indicator was шт Morocco in December — 4326,60% and in Nigeria in October – 3461,11%



“We’ve been working with MobUpps for a couple of months now. We couldn’t be happier with the performance, as they’ve managed to deliver big volumes of sales at an outstanding efficiency. More importantly, their team are super responsive and able to deliver a constant improvement in performance, by optimizing and managing the campaigns on our behalf. I have no doubts that this 2018 we’ll see even better performance each month! “

Pablo Andrés Tolosa, Account-manager (Jumia)

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