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31th of March, the mobile marketing conference – “Mobile Trends 2017″, organized by Mobupps, Tune and the project myTarget Was held in Moscow. More than 100 leading experts of the mobile industry, representatives of advertising platforms and analytical companies took part in the event.

Three aspects were discussed As a part of the business program: the CPI / CPE / CPM standards and trends in mobile advertising, and success stories of entering the Asian markets.

The conference began with the presentation of Leon Kosovsky, Regional Director of Business Development Tune company, in which he shared the key trends of expansion into the global market, the advantages and features of expanding business in the fast-growing market of Asia.

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“Globalization, the increased influence of consumers, the democratization of content, the availability of advertising, fragmentation of the audience and huge amounts of information have changed marketing communications, and made the promotion a complicated task for brands,” notes Leon Kosovsky. –

The real boom of cheap smartphones in Asia has led to the fact that the mobile market of China at the moment one of the most developed in the world. A large amount of content is consumed by mobile devices and, accordingly, purchases are also made there. Mobile commerce is gaining momentum. And the most promising market for the development of both e-commerce and m-commerce will remain the Asian region. However, the countries of Asia are seriously different from each other. The difference between the mobile markets of China and Japan, for example, is much greater than between the markets of Germany and Russia. Therefore, when forming mobile marketing strategies, Asia can not be viewed as a single entity. “

Leon Kosovsky also noted that the densely populated countries, which are not in the top of income today, will become market leaders tomorrow. There you can buy inexpensive traffic and attract a significant number of users. Speaker highlighted Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey markets.

Yaron Tomchin, CEO of Mobupps Company, in his report presented CPI / CPE / CPM standards and trends of mobile advertising in 2016-2017. The speaker noted that more and more companies use Post-install metrics to optimize their campaigns as one of the key indicator. Today, there are metrics that allow real-time results to be seen by agencies and media partners, which gives the entire advertising chain full transparency and efficiency.

“A large percentage of mobile fraud is one of the main obstacles of the development of mobile advertising and marketing today,” said Yaron Tomchin. – Russia refers to vulnerable countries for mobile fraud, which causes distrust among advertisers who make decisions to reduce budgets for digital and mobile channels. In addition, small companies providing application promotion services are often focused on quick and easy money, rather than building a long-term cooperation with customers and market development. Unfortunately, the low quality of traffic and installations for the industry, unfortunately, is not unusual. “


Yakov Peixahzon, the head of customer relations department at the mobile department of Mail.Ru Group, described the popularity of video advertising formats and the purchase of audiences through programmatic channels.

“As the data of myTarget shows, strong growth of native and video advertising continues, which forms involvement and interaction with the audience,” comments Yakov Peisakhzon. – Over the past two years, Russia has become increasingly mobile-friendly and more and more users access the Internet only from mobile devices. Ordinary mobile phones are replaced by smartphones and, as a result, mobile Internet penetration among the population grows, and advertising becomes more personalized. Today in Russia there are already 65 million people or 53% of the country’s population (Mediascope, WebIndex UI, August 2016 – January 2017, Russia, cities 0+, age 12+) use the Internet from mobile devices. We see a high interest in geolocation advertising, which is directly related to mobile devices. The cost of installation ceases to be a key characteristic. Advertisers study the behavior of users after the install, their purchase inside the application, etc. The ROI measurement is carried out online, and on the basis of the received data, individual prices for each traffic channel are formed. “


In addition, experts say, most of the performance of the mobile application market occurs according to the CPI-model. CPM, CPC models are used when purchasing a targeted audience on social, search and programmatic platforms, and when purchasing video advertising for branding.

Final Mobile Trends 2017 was dedicated to the most telling stories of promotion in mobile. Representatives of the Delivery Club, Mobio, Unilead, Edadil etc. took part in the panel discussion. Experts announced the growth of popularity of Influencer Marketing – the way to promote goods and services through opinion leaders. Often marketing influences today goes along with two other areas: marketing in social networks and content marketing.unnamed

“In Russia, a lot of talk about promoting brands through popular bloggers,” says Oleg Dorozhok, Chief Marketing Officer Delivery Club. “This is especially true for the” thirty minus “generation, for whom YouTube, Instagram and Public became a” new telly “. this new telly has an even greater impact on minds than traditional. Therefore, for example, some SMB sellers of brands from the category of fashion & beauty can easily build all their sales only through the Instagram and live well on it. And quality integration with YouTube bloggers (allusion to sponsorship TV shows) often gives a huge surge in sales and a viral effect, incomparable with TV integration. The only problem is that you can not take one or two bloggers and on this build a campaign or communication for the whole of the desired target audience. One blogger does not have the whole target audience/And in general the market is not transparent, it is not regulated, and many “stars of YouTube and instagram” are so stellar and very difficult to work with them. Good luck to all of us in this difficult matter. “

Discussing the importance of the conference, the participants noted that the current situation on the market is the most suitable for the application of mobile solutions, exchange of experience and networking.

“In my opinion, such events are very important for the industry,” says Yaron Tomchin. “They allow not only to gather leading companies and brands in the mobile industry together, but also exchange experience, up-to-date information, share the latest developments and talk about their vision of the mobile market development in 2017. This can definitely help increase the productivity and results of both marketers and publishers, and help standardize the mobile application market. “


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Full photo report from the event is available at this link:


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