Mobupps was Ranked Top 30 in the World by Mobintouch

Mobintouch website, one of the most valued social networks for mobile advertising professionals, has published recently its Top Mobile Ad Networks for Gaming. The list contains 30 mobile ad networks and among them Mobupps by Webmedia.

070316-1The data in the list is based on the AppsFlyer Performance Index – and according to the data, Mobupps was ranked 29 in the list. The list is a result of examination of “Power Ranking”, which tested an indexed retention score broken down by platform (iOS / Android).

The ad networks was tested between October 15, 2015 and January 15, 2016 – and 2.5 Billion installs were measured in this period. The number of apps tested was more than 5,000 and 3 Billion app opens occurred during that time.

The first place of the ranking belongs naturally to Facebook, which has a strong retention and unrivaled scale. Google Adwords was ranked 5th.

This ranking is a great achievement for Mobupps – a Mobile Ad Network that established over the past year and operates a global mobile ad network. Mobupps ad network includes direct app-publishers and sites, a DSP integrated with the biggest ad-exchanges and a mobile marketing agency.


About Mobintouch

Mobintouch is considered a great website that deals only with mobile advertising with all aspects – mobile ad networks and professionals who are linked to this vast field. The website has a fast-growing reputation all over the world. You can find in this website new clients, partners and global mobile traffic sources. Here is Mobupps company page in Mobintouch.

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