Read our new case about promotion app for Android OS on our direct ad network in ID, MY, TH


Crisis Action is well known as the best eSports shooting game from Hero Entertainment, players can enjoy diverse counter strike classic modes. Besides various weapons and maps to choose from, you can also create your exclusive map in create mode.


Hero Entertainment approached Mobupps to get support in promoting its app for Android OS on our direct ad network of app in ID MY TH.

The client chose from Mobupps pool of products the ad network solution that includes our premium publishers, and marketplace solution with key API media partners.

The goals were set from three directions:

—D1 retention rate


—positive ROI


Mobupps utilize its agency and ad network solution to plan and acquire a high amount of quality engaged users, using native, interstitial, standard banners ad formats and video.

Mobupps plan was to optimize the campaign by creating a dedicated private network of top performing media and audience segments around the client app.

Making deep analysis after creating such white list of media and audience Mobupps planned to increase the volumes in the media and audience segments with the highest ROI.

Mobupps decided to put couple intermediate KPI goals for optimizing the campaign in earliers stages, starting from the first day of the user’s engagement, controlling the media quality during all this period till Mobupps can analyze the main result (after 30 days).


Mobupps did first circle of optimization after first three days launching, within couple days got the RR increased 45% ,registration grown 290% with a satisfied ROI.

While the campaign was on optimization stage Mobupps account management team capped the daily budget at 200 installs which gave us opportunity to save the client budget on learning stage and involve all our premium sources with separation of budgets for each of them.

After the second circle of optimization, only best-performing sources were left . Both Registration rate and retention rate were far above our goal and kept stable. .

Mobupps increased the cap for those best-performing sources and reached the KPI goal with good ROI.

The campaigns were lasting for more than 3 months and keep running.

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