Mobupps partners with KaiOS to resume the digital revolution to all of us.

Mobupps partners with KaiOS to resume the digital revolution to all of us.

KaiOS is the third biggest mobile OS in the world, and MobUpps media partner with all its apps inventory that sold directly through the Mobupps RTB platform. MobUpps RTB represents a holistic solution for our partners who value flexibility and always want to manage their sales channels from a unified interface and get the highest value for each impression.

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About MobUpps – Mobupps delivers world top-tier branding advertisers through programmatic
deals via most of the leading exchanges and private DSP. This provides publishers with the highest coverage and tier 1 ad content. MobUpps can connect its publisher to the top monetization players available on the market by maximizing its impression value and revenues.

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We are very proud to walk this path among the KaiOS community and provide our experience to assist in achieving these goals. It’s always been our priority to contribute where it matters the most. This is why we apply the most efficient technologies like the newest MobUpps Anti-Fraud Technology [link] and the most advanced Transparency tools [link] to make sure we deliver the best service.

About KaiOs – The main goal of KaiOS is to bring online services to people in emerging and developed countries. How big is this market? About 4 billion people don’t have internet access, and that’s a bigger part of the world. KaiOS is the mobile OS that empowers people through technology. This platform brings 3G/4G, wi-fi, GPS, messengers, games, fitness apps, and more to the most affordable smart feature phone with a starting price of just 11$.

Imagine how drastically life changes – from not having any access to the internet to chatting on WhatsApp with friends, family, and co-workers. KaiOS users appreciate that and reward advertisers on this platform with exceptionally high CTR’s. 5.34% CTR, 5.11 average daily impressions, and 74.6% fill rate – you won’t see such stats on any other mobile OS. KaiOS users are highly engaged to be a new part of the digital revolution.


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