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We at Mobbups love sharing, we love it when it’s simple, fast, and effective, and having a partner who makes this wish into reality is priceless. We adore having touchpoints with our partners. While SHAREit is the all-around solution for acquiring high-quality digital content, Mobupps is a holistic solution for sale channels through one point of contact with the highest value for your traffic.

Mobupps presents

• Direct campaigns from top brands with multi-million dollar budgets and the highest pricing for your traffic.
• Ad network meditation with global demand, access to thousands of campaigns, eCPC, and eCPM optimization, and exclusive deals.
• Programmatic branding campaigns from top worldwide brands with high CPM and leading DSP’s.

We got it all wrapped in smooth integration and self-hosted innovations to prevent fraud before it happens. Mobupps is here to deliver an integral service, just like our partner – SHAREit, delivering an integral service to its customers.

SHAREit is a platform that provides global users with equally high-quality digital content in the simplest and fastest method. Through big data and AI, SHAREit caters to digital content such as short videos, movies, etc. With its platform ecosystem, which includes content acquisition, transformation, and consumption, users could discover the most valuable local content. SHAREit has more than 1.8 billion users worldwide, with more than 600 million users. Making digital content equally accessible by everyone, SHAREit dedicated to building a high-quality content platform where it connects “users and content” globally, especially in the emerging markets.

Our cooperation with SHAREit results in a fantastic performance for mobile campaigns – provide our clients with high-quality users. We always aim to partner with high-quality publishers and SHAREit was a natural choice that leads to productive high scale cooperation, relying on the Mobupps high-quality demand and SHAREit high ability to provide engaged users.

It’s a special thing in human and partner relations to be able to share, just like we did right now, sharing this incredible story of cooperation between two service companies who provide holistic solutions to the partners and clients.


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