The Future of Mobile Video Ads

Recently, Tubefilter website published a forecast predicts that until 2020, the growth in mobile video ad revenue will reach 39.5%. The forecast is based on a report of Busiess Insider. The mobile video ad growth revenue is expected to past the growing of deskop computers video ads revenue and the total video ad growth.

Mobile Video Ads - Mpbupps (Picture from Tubefilter)

Mobile Video Ads – Mpbupps (Picture from Tubefilter)

According to the article, the digital video will comprise 41 percents of display advertising on desktop by 2020. In addition, there is a massive growth in mobile video consumption on recent years and this trend is not going to stop soon.

Here in Mobupps we definitely agree with this article. We’ve already read many similar articles and there are a few proven facts:

  • Display advertising is shifting to video.
  • Media time is migrating to mobile.
  • Video is familiar and and effective format for brand advertising.
  • Video ads perform better than standard display ad units.

mbl2Our video department is WebMedia – which entered in video field a few month ago. Webmedia is focusing only on Desktop Video Advertising (because of the greatest demand in Desktop). Right now we have more than 200 million views on video prerolls and our strong GEOs are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany and France.

This month we are going to start working with video platform / adserver, planning to develop and build up this direction intensively in mobile and desktop area. We expect that next year we will have strong video department and we will reach massive results.

For Conclusion

We understand in Webmedia and Mobupps the importance of mobile advertising, and especially mobile video ads. Today, in the Western countries, the use of mobile devices and smartphones is growing and one of the most consumed content is video. We understand this shift and act to provide our customers the best solutions!

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