Exclusive Mobupps transparency feature will lead the way to better ROAS

Claiming transparency is a default statement for any company nowadays, but what can a company do to exhibit it? We know how important it is to trust your partners, but providing access to data sources builds even more confidence in this trust.

We have amazing news for you. Tune and AppsFlyer have integrated, and Mobupps is among very few companies who are ready to provide this feature right now to ensure that the most accurate ad cost data gets captured reliably and delivered consistently via API to you.

It’s rarely an issue to reliably measure conversions as that is the primary job of your mobile measurement partner (MMP). MMPs are best equipped to independently record mobile app events, including installs, downloads, bookings, purchases, subscriptions, and more. However, collecting the most accurate ad cost data (i.e., the denominator) can be an issue.


Mobupps is leading the way to better ROAS (Return on ad spend). Starting today, if you are our partner, using AppsFlyer as your MMP, the quality of your ROAS metrics just got a whole order of magnitude better. This native integration sends all cost data to the AppsFlyer by default clients in real-time!

We are always working on innovations to make our cooperation more efficient and transparent, and if there’s a new way to express it – Mobupps will be the first to implement. We provide full transparency on any level for all traffic sources – device IDs, impressions, creatives, bundle IDs, app names – you always aware of what’s going on with your campaigns, because we know how crucial it is.

See more innovations from Mobbups at https://mobbups.com.


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