We started to work with RTB

We have been working with digital marketing technology for over ten years and, to better serve our clients, we have noticed a greater need to integrate and work with the RTB technology. So our company Mobupps decided to use this technology in our workflows.

RTB (Real Time Bidding) – is software technology that automated the bidding auctions for online advertising, in real time, between customers and marketing venues. Thanks to the massive data collected from a variety of sources such as DMP, social networks, and other big players, we are not just buying ads, RTB is programmatically bidding on ads that appeal to our target audience with noted interests.

With this RTB technology, we select the most valuable audience for all of these ads. We monitor our campaigns and adjust them in real time thereby reducing costs of user acquisition conversions.

How does RTB work?

  1. The target user goes to a web page.
  2. Exchange exposes a lot.
  3. The RTB system checks the requirements of the advertiser and makes a bid.
  4. The RTB system does an automated auction bid.
  5. The auction winner’s ad is then shown to the target user.

We are using many types of ads. Our team is working with static and dynamic ads, text and graphics banners and with native ads.

Today RTB – is the most targeted and elaborate type of advertising on the web. RTB’s advanced algorithms and technologies, with a wide range of options, make media buying more accurate and less costly than other types of advertising. All information about our client’s ad campaigns is transparent and allowing our full control of the campaign effectiveness and budgeting”. – Larisa Kotlyar, Head of RTB in Mobupps Company.

Sooner or later, all media ads will utilize a programmatic buying format that will be easy to use and much more efficient in results. Growth for this technology segment in the USA indicates that this trend has started to conquer all the marketing world.



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