Webmedia Group and ad agency Unilead announce their merger!

Following the IT-market consolidation trend, Webmedia Group and ad agency Unilead announce their merger.
The merger’s main goal is to increase presence of both companies in RU and CIS regions in particular, and in world as a whole. The merger would also bring synergy to strengthen both teams.


Joint efforts, experience and technology will help Unilead and Webmedia group retain their leading positions in ad industry.
“We’re happy to become a part of an international holding group. Our synergy with Webmedia will bring us closer to our international clients and partners, and help us enter new markets with stronger teams” — Vera Marnova, Unilead CEO.

Unilead brand includes mobile ad agency Unilead, ad network Unilead Network, and marketing content website Unilead News. The brand began six years ago, and since then has achieved much.

“Webmedia Group will continue investing in projects in Russia in 2018. These investments will amount up to $5 million. And we don’t just finance them — the projects gain access to Webmedia Group’s expert knowledge base, mentoring help, account and legal services, and our connections in the world (China, India and Israel). Our investments strengthen the already formed teams and help them enter new markets. This helps achieve maximum synergy from mergers” — Radik Shimunov, Webmedia Group founder.

The project investments are discussed on an individual basis.

Webmedia Group includes several ad brands:

Webmedia — an ad agency with over 10 years experience on the global ad market focusing on video ads.

Mobupps — a worldwide mobile ad network with several directions: quality user acquisition, media buying, media monetization

Unimedia — the agency offers video ads for advertisers and a wide range of monetization solutions for publishers.

Mobligo — an ad serving technology providing direct publishers with quality monetization solutions and delivering effective technology for user acquisition. Mobligo helps the company provide more precise targeting and faster optimization.



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