What to expect from mobile advertising in 2018? Let’s consider the main trends!

Here are 6 key areas in mobile marketing that brands and agencies can’t afford to miss.


  • Programmatic buying and  Direct-response will eventually have a dominant market share and continue to rise.

As a huge hit, programmatic ad spending worldwide was recently forecasted to reach an increased high of $71.46 billion by 2018.

eMarketer has recently revealed that since 2015, programmatic ad spending in the U.S. has continuously increased up to 78% by 2017. Simultaneously, there has been a consistent decrease in overall ad spending. It is also projected that global ad spending will not change and continue to decrease down to 16.9% while programmatic ad spending will continue to rise up to 83.6% by 2019.

  • Prioritize the mobile presence of the “mobile majority”

Now that mobile is the majority, we’ll likely see retail brands that were late to digital start to prioritize their mobile presence — not just over the holidays, but throughout their entire annual marketing and sales cycles.

  • Branded apps as a core component

If you have built a mobile application that works well, there’s the potential that the mobile app will become habitual for customers.

There are a couple of critical benefits that a mobile app offers which other approaches to mobile design can’t compete with:

  1. Deepen customer engagement;
  2. Improve customer support;
  3. Offer a more personalised experience;
  4. Build loyalty;
  5. Focus on the customer;
  6. Earn more revenue.


mobile-apps Platon



  • Engagement + conversion will be realized with interactive video

Thats approach will help to improve viewer comprehension and performance, increase participation and productivity, drive conversion, and boost monetization and user experience.

So, a guy could be watching a video and choose to tap on a button-down shirt to get product information or switch over to the women’s clothing or jewelry section to shop for someone else.

  • Increase of cross-pollination marketing

Brands will experiment more with leveraging supplementary products that complement their core product.

  • Rewarded video will become more prominent

Rewarded videos will result most of the time on completed videos, it’s also more likely that the user will install the app for a rewarded video rather than a skippable video.


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