Why traditional larger publishers are tapping into affiliate strategies as alternative revenue?

The affiliate space now worth over a billion pounds, it hasn’t been considered a niche market for many years, but this trend will be grow when publishers will face changes in their revenue.

Factors for tapping into affiliate strategies can be:

The rise of ad-blockers: Revenue lost globally to publishers through ad-blockers at around the $27 billion per year by 2020. Despite some trends suggesting slowing growth in ad-blocking, almost $30 billion is a chunk of change not flowing through into publisher coffers.

The death of subscription revenue: The problem here is that this model can be difficult to get to stick. Rightly or wrongly,people are used to getting content for free online.

Downward pressure on inventory: A massive growth in programmatic driving a shift away from more lucrative direct deals has resulted in a race to the bottom for a lot of publishers.

What does this mean for the industry as a whole – is it good news or bad?

Affiliate strategies continuing to propel affiliate conversations to the fore of brands nationally and continuing to drive a change in mindsets and attitudes toward affiliate.

However, this will create more competitions for established affiliates. The winners will be those that do what they do in the best possible way for the user – the simplest comparison experience, the best content or the highest cashback with the broadest coverage.

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