Black Friday and Cyber Monday recommendations from Mobupps

black friday

Black Friday is coming earlier each year. It feels like it’s going to be a whole month in a couple of years. We start with 11.11 in China, then it’s a Black Friday, and sales are not finished yet till it’s a couple of days after Cyber Monday. Matter of fact, Cyber Monday is getting an even bigger day in terms of spending in the US and other countries. We understand that it’s sales time, but what else do you need to do to run things smoothly? Not an easy task for an app or a website, but Mobupps is here to cover everything you need.

1. We’ll start with basic, but the most important things. It’s not a time for a fresh experiment. It’s better to keep the new features and ideas for later. A good time to plan ahead and just tidy things up, and make sure the whole team on point.

2. Let people know what’s going to happen even if you don’t want to spoil a surprise. Make a preview, a hint – anything that will make people come back on the day of the deal and check up on it.

3. Focusing on email marketing may be a good idea, even if it’s not the key in your case. Email is something people keep in their inbox, so a pre-sale coupon for loyal customers may be a great idea.

4. UX should be even simpler than usual. People are going through a lot of flaws in this period, and only the easiest one will get the benefit.

5. Load testing. You don’t want to spoil this period, trying to fix things up instead of getting revenue. If you are waiting for a big audience-a stress testing may be a great idea now.

6. Don’t make just a discount. make discounts the whole day/period. You always want your customer to return and this is not an exception. Make every hour/three hours deals and engage people.

7. And the last one – finish with class. Even if you had the best Black Friday period ever – you may get a serious fall in engagement after the sales period. Make sure you will boost these numbers with an after-sales follow-up program to get your audience back for Holiday shopping.

Good luck and all the best on conquering the market with Mobupps!