We ready for a non-IDFA future


A lot was said about iOS 14.5 and we are all in the ad tech industry are waiting for the release every day now. There were hundreds of hours invested in adaptation, discussion with clients, partners, and technology providers, development, documentation reading, and training sessions inside our company. We are fully ready and equipped for this dramatic change. We guess there is no need to explain about this change as there are hundreds of contents around it on the web, instead, we would like to give some perspective of what we recommend doing in the last couple of days/weeks till the release.

Moving budgets to Android is a good tactic for the nearest future. Consider this to minimize risks. We see very low adaptation on the media side thus significant volumes of campaigns can be affected.
We also recommend testing, testing, and testing. Make sure all setup on MMP done correctly, make sure your media partners and demand partners done the set up you need to run smoothly on the ā€œDā€ day.

Consider your fraud detection set up as without IDFA as well as with delay postback stats can be not correct ā€“ Click spam, duplicated installs, etc.
Working with SKAdNetwork and being proficient with it is what we all are going to aim further. And seems like being among the firsts will reward with higher profits and a better reputation among the partners for years on.


This is why we are now providing a new experience with Mobupps MAFO to make precise targeting with SKAdNetwork efficient as it gets. We have our first results from the testing field and now ready to present SKAdNetwork integration for our partners to invoke stepping up in the new iOS era and become a leader with Mobupps.

We got a scheme to show you how it works, and if you got more questions, we are here to answer. We have developed a unique approach and are ready to assist.


We are now got SKAdNetwork integration live in MAFO, available for activation as seen on the screenshot below.


Join Mobupps SKAdNetwork integration and be among the leaders of the industry. We will help you out and boost your performance in this challenging era.