AI technologies to boost your performance

Media content is all around us, and let’s be honest, sometimes we need a little help before hitting social media. We don’t always know what exactly we desire. It should be “good” and probably much better than our neighbour’s to bump our impressions and likes up. Companies are looks to follow trends hourly and use pro-tools to deliver the best conversion experience to our campaigns.

Just in case you don’t have a team of leading designers, and you want to get things right with the first attempt – the advantages of AI are in your pocket with Mobupps’ partner – Meitu. AI steps in to bump your game up with professional results and fast processing. Sophisticated technologies in imaging and vision, can provide clients with studio-level smart photo editing services.

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Meitu’s Advertising Traffic Platform is a strategic project for building its advertising system, which offers convenient and efficient monetization opportunities for all media, as well as providing precise advertising services for partners. And this opportunity is available to you through our RTB department today.

iRTB by Mobupps uses breathtaking technologies to make Meitu ROI go up with minimum attention needed on the partner’s side. We develop an authentical product, using more than a decade of experience in the industry. Instead of turning switches and experimenting with each campaign, we develop probabilistic solutions, based on years of learning and thousands of successful models.

AI Open Platform is an AI service platform launched to focus on core fields that include human facial technology, human body technology, image recognition, image processing, image generation, and others. This provides users with market-proven professional AI algorithm services and solutions.


Find a way of achieving more with iRTB by Mobupps, our products are set for your KPI breakthrough.