Gold Award at MOBEXX2020 in the category of Mobile Advertising Excellence in Launch Campaign

21_Mobile Advertising Excellence in Launch Campaign - Dostavista

What a blast we have this year! It’s not a New Year’s Eve yet, but we have a lot to celebrate, and just now, there’s one more thing to add. Mobexx 2020 named Mobupps campaign a Gold Winner in Mobile Advertising Excellence In Launch Campaign.

MobUpps core value is to supply performance and positive ROI for its clients. When we had our initial meeting with Dostavista we immediately saw the potential in their product as it performed superbly in the competitive market of logistics. More than this during the COVID – 19 times we understood that people in tier 3 countries where the pandemic hit hardest at the 1st wave are locked home and need the logistic deliver service under their hands asap.

Mobupps optimized the campaign by creating a dedicated private network of top-performing media and audience segments that show potential intent to use similar products around the client app. MobUpps mainly utilized highly engaging video and interactive banners to attack users’ attention, as well as to make them “feel” the app before they download it. Making deep analysis after creating such a whitelist of media and audience Mobupps increased volumes of media and audience segments with the highest ROI. Mobupps put a couple of intermediate KPI goals for optimizing the campaign in earlier stages, starting from the first day of the user’s engagement, controlling the media quality during the whole period, till Mobupps could analyze the result (in 30 days).

During initial optimization cycles, Mobupps did a couple of changes as our standard process to adjust for the relevant markets as well as to the COVID-19 era. To make sure our client protects from evolving fraudsters we were tracking Сlick to install optimization – the time from clicking the install button to actual result to detect abnormal behavior. Also one of the focus was to track and improve Registration of users and In-App Activity optimization – we track user’s actions after installing an app to make sure that the app is being engaged further down the funnel by setting end goal optimization KPIs in mobupps proprietary technology platform MAFO.
After the first month of campaign promotion, Mobupps was able to deliver on an avg 110-120 New Orders per geo which has helped Dostavista to boost growth in APAC, and new focus markets.

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