NFT changes the value of digital content

NFT’s – the future of value, perfectly marketed blockchain currency – or both?

Just a couple of months ago, you’d never thought about buying a gif for even a few bucks. After Mark Cuban sold this one for $81000, you may think it’s not that bad of an idea.

NFT market is growing fast – buying art, a song, article, or even a tweet is already a thing. Owning objects others can only see was always a thing in the real world, now we figured out a way to do it online.
After a quick excurse let’s find out how to use NFTs for marketing reasons. And brands are on the top of the game already. Remember seeing exclusive branded merchandise? Now it’s gone even further.

The US Patent Office has issued a patent for Nike’s blockchain-compatible sneakers dubbed “CrpytoKicks”.


Taco Bell generated a lot of buzz on mainstream media and social media, selling 25 GIF NFTs. Each GIF started at a bidding price of $1. However, they all sold for thousands of dollars each, with one going for as much as $3,646.


This is how brands create unique brand experiences and increase brand awareness by encouraging interaction with the audience. Not to mention, that NFTs are meant to be sold on a secondary market, which maximizes the value of a brand.

Besides being used in loyalty programs, NFTs are expected to transform how data monetized. Imagine owning a digital projection of yourself and have control of all the personal data. Now you can price your private data to advertisers. This concept may put power into the user’s hands, or at least change the balance.


NFTs allow advertisers access to the source and “history” of every communication made, allowing for better attribution and reduced fraud. Intellectual property is a massive contention in the marketing and advertising industry, and there could be a future where all concepts are NFT attached.

We are not sure if NFTs can become everything above, but it seems like non-physical concepts are starting to have a real value and our world has reached the point of no return. The new value system may change a model of marketing and attribution, and become something unique, instead of mimicking offline market traditions. If you want to know more about Mobupps tech or contact us, these couple of buttons below will help out.