What’s wrong with online conferences?

Your company attends to online conference with the similar expectations as it was a usual one. The price is about the same, so you have all the right to expect the same outcome. We all anticipate a lot from the best conferences. Networking is the key to any business. But we don’t get what we expected, sometimes even a piece of it. So, what went wrong?

Are they not good enough, or we keep failing at it?

None of the above.

It’s just not the same thing, and you should treat it very differently.

Mobupps team helps keep your ROI at the maximum, and now we got you some advice and reports from online conferences. The whole package experience has been our thing for a while.

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Let’s start with the main problems you would never think about at an offline event. Remember us all synchronized and vibing together, following the same scenario? Forget it, at least for now, now you facing these problems:

  1. Some people will miss their meetings because of the force-major situations. Internet died, a cat gets sick, we all know the flaws of working at home routine.
  2. Time zones. While we live in the same timezone at the offline event and plan our day accordingly, we can’t be on the same page at the online event. Some people are on a night shift, while others up early. Situations like these rarely happen at real-time events.
  3. Sharing, viewing, and highlighting documents is a struggle. Remember just pointing your finger at something you’d want to bring attention to? We didn’t appreciate it, didn’t we?
  4. Some people will participate on the go while doing something else. Hard to imagine in different circumstances.
  5. And the biggest evil we all witnessed – technical problems, cameras, and mics will go on and off, sound shutters, etc.
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We can go on and on with this list, but the idea is clear. The online conference is a different kind of beast. All participants have to be much more motivated to succeed. Let’s what helps to obey this beast and come out as a winner.

  1. Block your calendar. Doing other things while attending an online event is a rookie mistake. You never know when the right moment will arrive. Remember attending offline events? The same logic works here. But the most important thing is exposing your availability to all potential contacts. Check different rooms, Q&As, comment sections. Be available all the time. The networking opportunity is very narrow.
  2. Learn how to use the tool. Knowing your inventories is an enormous advantage. Having a conversation is good, but understanding the abilities of a platform to make a self-presentation is even more valuable. Be a step forward and find out if you can use a presentation or a video, find out which format will work better, and be ready to use it any moment.
  3. Attend with coworkers. Leaving a comment during a keynote is the first step. Having a partner to spark engagement is a deal-breaker. A friendly conversation about things that happening will break the ice and invite more people to participate. Don’t wait for a chance to follow. Try to lead the discussion with people you know and trust.
  4. Self-care is important. You suppose to be extra-productive while sitting on a chair for hours. Stretch, get your coffee machine ready, prepare a snack. You can’t create a drive for engagement while sitting in the same position for a whole day. Give your system a boost every once in a while.
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We had mixed experiences with online conferences, but having a plan and executing it will lead you to much better results. Mobupps team is always happy to share our experience. We are leading the way for a new generation of ads. Read more about SkadNetwork or Google FLoC integrations. Our professionals are ready to create a solution for your product now with a local approach in 7 offices in the world.