Road to iOS 15 SkadNetwork

The iOS 14 dust just has settled – a newer version of iOS is on the way. Which always means new opportunities for ad attribution to app developers and marketers. We had just enough time to accomplish our goals with skadnetwork and are ready to acquire a new wave of upcoming changes.

Starting in iOS 15, developers of advertised apps can opt-in to receive App Store postbacks for successful ad conversions. With a postback, you receive information such as the winning postback that represents a conversion for your app. You then use this information to track how your app is performing in campaigns and adjust campaign parameters accordingly. Opt-in helps to improve ad performance by giving more detailed information about apps’ performance within a campaign. This means app developers have to configure a postback URL in the app and marketers have to use it properly in ad attribution.

Overall, in the pre-iOS 14 periods, we had a self-attribution system, when the ad network decided the fate of every conversion. Right now, after iOS 14.6, Apple decides how to attribute every conversion. After the iOS 15 release, there will be a copy of every postback, which will be a huge contribution to the ad attribution transparency.

In this period, when a lot of app marketers are in a tough spot at the moment, particularly as not all players in the space are fully equipped for SKAdNetwork. Mobupps team had rich experience in setting up skadnetwork campaigns. With more to go at this exact moment. We believe that upcoming changes will add more power to our skadnetwork force. We already feel confident in our daily media buying campaigns, that have access to 150-250M daily impressions that support skadnetwork via more than 3400 publishers. The most successful formats are display fullscreen and small banners as of now. Main GEOs are Tier 1 + India, Brasil, and Russia.

Current results show that media is limited and thus more expensive by x2-x5. Delay in postback is around 24-48 hours end to end for install events. Mobupps plan to perform post-install optimization by MMP reporting, and the main goal for skadnetwork campaigns now is to get the volume of users on cost-effective pricing for CPI.

Mobupps is a certified Skadnetwork partner with Adjust, Singular, Kochava, and AppsFlyer with more upcoming integrations in the nearest days.

iOS 15 helps advertisers but also brings new challenges. Mobupps team feels very positive about new skadnetwork updates and our successful results on big volumes. If you need a partner with a strong skadnetwork strategy in the nearest future, our team is ready to help you on achieving your goals.