Next level SKAdNetwork partner integration with AppsFlyer and Adjust is already here.

Next level SKAdNetwork partner integration with AppsFlyer and Adjust is already here. These integrations allow networks to share a postback containing information from the SKAdNetwork payload, as well as any additional metadata or campaign data that are available. More transparency and possibilities for better ROI measurement for appropriate budgetary decisions are delivered to every Mobupps partner today.

You can always check the status of partnership integration with AppsFlyer here, and Adjust here. We are currently working on integrations with Kochava and Singular, and we will notify you on completion.

As for this moment, integrated partners are mostly DSP/SDK platforms or 1st party publishers. Mobupps team is happy to be amongst the leaders to provide these features for all our partners and utilize our programmatic iRTB platform with SKadnetwork workflow.

We anticipate seeing how the industry evolves in the new environment, and how performance marketing can run User Acquisition campaigns on SKadNetwork media. Our first results exceeded the expectations, and we invite all our partners to use the new features we have all been waiting for.

Additional reminder: with iOS 14.5+, app owners need to receive the user’s permission through the ATT to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier. If the user didn’t give consent via the ATT prompt, advertisers can only use SKAdNetwork as a tool to track marketing conversions. It shows how a particular advertising campaign led to an install without device-level identification.

And this is where the problem is. You receive the final information about installs and conversion, but you can never be 100% sure what caused an install.

After the iOS 15 release, developers and marketing measurement platforms can receive SKAdNetwork install validation postbacks and attribute marketing campaigns on their own. Developers and MMPs can receive raw postbacks. Self-attributed networks will still aggregate the data, but from now on, we will have the opportunity to validate if that data is accurate and make sure that there is no bias towards any side.

The industry is getting very close to saddling SKAdNetwork, and the Mobupps team is ready to give the maximum effort to each partner with the best efficiency and timing.