Fresh Mobupps update on SkadNetwork

Let’s be honest here we all planned to make a massive report on SkadNetwork by now. Now we had more noise before iOS 14.5 release than we got actual data to analyze. The ad industry is moving in baby steps towards full SkadNetwork adaption. Reports differ so extensively that sometimes it makes no sense.

Mobupps team was one of the pioneers in terms of effective SkadNetwork implementation. We were ready before we could use it, and we feel a responsibility towards our partners to make a regular clock in on the SkadNetwork status.


In the first two weeks, advertising companies report seeing adoption rates of about 10% to 15%. Worth mentioning that 10% of active iOS devices will never update to iOS 14 because they are too old for this update.

Manual IDFA sharing

We have very different data here. While most sources report about 15%, others surprise us with results up to 37%, depending on the app type. The conclusion is that different audiences react unlike each other, and we need to take it into account to create the best targeting possible.

What about the fraud?

We got you covered here. Mobupps partner with leading anti-fraud detection and prevention tech makes SkadNetwork transition risks low as possible. Every change, especially such big, is always a fraud source. New SkadNetwork ready machine learning model with dozens of parameters on millions of conversions to predict on the first day of the campaign the quality of your users and which campaigns yield good results and which do not. AI Quality Score will be shown inside the Fraud Report to give the best overview of your traffic.

Advertising Budgets Changed?

We recommended moving budgets to android to stay safe in this period, but some of the partners made a step in a different direction and increased iOS budgets. This may look risky, but being among the first successful SkadNetwork adopters will pay off in the nearest future.

The Outcome.

We expected an earthquake but had just a few shakes yet. We know it’s a proactive play, and we should look forward and expect tensions yet. We see partners scale on iOS campaigns to deliver max volume of users till the 14.5 adoptions get bigger and many obstacles will be in place as well some move budgets to Android to be ready to scale on this OS when things will be nasty on iOS. We invite you to speak with Mobupps professionals to discuss media plans and specific recommendations for your campaigns. If you want to be among the leaders and expertise SkadNetwork before others, the button below will lead the way.