Startup Ads 101

In the new era of innovations, we anticipate a new tech revolution constantly. It became something we live for now. The original story of starting a multi-billion empire in a garage is driving thousands of entrepreneurs. Mobupps was working with startups since its establishment long 12 years ago, but now it feels more important, than ever. We became a lift-off power for plenty of amazing companies, since their first users and till millions worldwide now.

We want to help new innovators to make their apps and products shine rapidly. But being a great inventor is not always mean understanding a persistently changing ad world. We’ve decided to change it by answering popular questions about how things work, with help from our best experts.

Meet Vladimir Yakimov, an app developer from Israel with a new vision on a common issue. Vladimir just launched a new app – Dragon Flies to help travelers find cheap flights tickets without extra payments straight from the airlines, instead of paying fees or extra charges to the “middle man”.

Dragon Flies on Google Play

Vladimir had some questions to Mobupps, and we’ve decided to share the answers from our experts to help the new wave of developers and entrepreneurs to find their ad flow asap.

If there are 4 billion smartphones on the market, and some of the competitors have 50 million downloads, does this mean that there are still almost 4 billion potential customers left?

Which metrics to track from the start, and which are not worth your time?

Should you focus on profit, or should you focus on attracting users, and only then on profit?

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