The Hottest Marketing Trends of 2022

2021 was a very exciting year in marketing. Some new trends are just raising up, while others are becoming bigger, than ever. Mobupps team is monitoring every aspect of the industry to give you the most valuable selection to use in 2022. Behold the list of the most powerful trends and use them wisely.

  1. Short-form video

Remember we thought Vine was a boomer-thing buried 12 feet deep. The past few years showed this wrong, short video services are huge. 3 services are dominating at the moment, and we all know what they are.

  • TikTok
  • Instagram Reels
  • YouTube Shorts

The stereotype that these are for young teenagers only is statistically incorrect. The audience has grown into the same age shares as Instagram and other social networks. But what are the best ways to use them for business, here’s a list of the best content examples:

  • Brand Challenges
  • Influencer Ads
  • Product Teasers
  • More User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • More Behind-the-Brand Videos
  • More Explainer or Educational Videos

2. Audio content is still in the front seat.

I know, we still can’t keep up with all the podcasts subscriptions we got, but they’re going to be more. Noone cares about TV and radio, you want your content when you decide you want it. Podcasting is replacing talk shows, radio shows, and news shows. Yet more to see in 2022.

3. Social responsibility will be more important.

We value our planet and the environment, and we want companies we buy from and work with to do the same. Showing that you care is important, and here are the best topics to cover in 2022:

  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Improving labor policies
  • Participating in fairtrade
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Charitable global giving
  • Community and virtual volunteering
  • Corporate policies that benefit the environment
  • Socially and environmentally conscious investments

4. Brands will continue to apply inbound marketing strategies.

Imagine a huge brand reaching out to you personally to make a purchase? Nonsense. Automating inbound strategies and funnels are bigger than ever for every brand, and outbound marketing struggles hard when quantities increase. This is why we going to see more creative inbound marketing examples with more people reach.

5. Nostalgia Marketing

People have become jaded as a result of the lockdown, and they are looking for familiar entertainment options that would bring back fond memories from previous decades. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than half of consumers find solace in classic TV episodes, films, and songs from their childhood.

But none of this should come as a surprise; studies have shown for years that nostalgia can help people cope with boredom, loneliness, and anxiety. According to some research, it can even help people cope with major life transitions and stressful situations.

In a nutshell, nostalgia provides consolation to people during moments of tension or uncertainty. It’s time to provide some comfort food in the form of nostalgia marketing to your customers.

6. Voice Marketing

People are increasingly making purchases via voice-enabled devices. It’s a unique method to reach out to your customers. It’s already being used by some major brands.

Walmart has started enabling Google Assistant voice shopping.

Voice marketing isn’t as popular as it should be…but it will be. We’re preparing our businesses for the voice search revolution by creating a deep understanding of their customers’ needs and optimizing their SEO.

Holiday days are very exciting, and it’s a great time to make big plans for 2022, Mobupps team hopes you’ll find our research useful and it will help to make all the right turns in 2022. All our teams are having celebrations in 8 offices around the world, so you can always reach out to us even at this busy time of the year.